Changing My Closet With the Seasons

I’m a clothes-rotator. As the weather begins to change, I  pull items out of my closet that I won’t be wearing for a while and add ones that are more season-appropriate.

For some reason, I’ve been clutching tightly to this bright pink skirt. Yes, it is mid-October, but I’m still not ready to banish it to the under-the-bed-box land. Once it’s put away, it’ll be out of sight out of mind for the next several months. And I just love it too much to do that.

Mixing brights for fall

Plus, when mixed with these neutral, earthy-tones, it’s looks positively autumnal… Right?

pink, brown, and tan

Skirt: J. Crew Factory, Sweater: Old Navy (similar), Booties: Carlos Santana, Necklace: World Market (similar)

Do you rotate your out-of-season clothes from your closet into storage? Or do you let your summer sundresses mingle with your turtlenecks?


17 thoughts on “Changing My Closet With the Seasons

    1. Lauren

      I’m going to try to at least stop by! I have a friend’s birthday party to attend at 2. I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

  1. Pearls and Lace

    That skirt is so beautiful, I’ve been eyeing a similar one up online! Regardless of the fact that it’s mid October, the weather still looks beautiful so I say keep on wearing it! I definitely need to take a page from your book and remove seasonal items from my closet…because I seem to be running out of space!

    xo jen

  2. two birds

    i rarely rotate clothes…i love making my summer stuff winter appropriate. because minnesota winters oftentimes need a pop of pink! i say keep the skirt out!! it looks great on you! and i love those booties!

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