Playing Catch-Up

I’ve been bad.

I signed up for the October Photo Challenge, and while I’ve been pretty good about actually taking the photos according to the daily prompts, I’ve been remiss in posting them. So here’s my best mea culpa: I’m sorry and I promise I’ll try to do better!

Day 10: Favorite

Getting to come home after work is easily my favorite part of the day, and my heart wreath is always the first thing I see. I kind of love it. So much so that it has been hanging on our door since last February… Oops.

Day 11: From Up High

This shot is the view from the Brown’s Island pedestrian bridge. On nice days, I often go for a walk or run during my lunch break. Lately I’ve been taking my camera along with me on my walks. There are an abundance of beautiful sights to capture downtown.ย downtown Richmond

Day 12: Hands

I intended on taking pictures of Aaron and I’s wedding-ring-adorned hands, since it’s still pretty novel for us newlyweds, but before I could, I caught him napping on the couch. I liked this photo better since it wasn’t staged, even if he did start to smile once he realized I was photographing him.

Day 13: Seat

Another photo from downtown Richmond, featuring the Brown’s Island pedestrian bridge and a bench where I used to read when I first started my job.ย Downtown Richmond - Tredegar, Brown's Island

Day 14: Silhouette

This was such a random photo that I snapped last-minute on Richmond’s Canal Walk, but I think it turned out pretty neat!

Day 15: Accomplishment

I’ll admit this one may be a little of a stretch. No I’m not the really talented person who painted this, but this photograph was one of my very first in manual mode. A construction worker just happened to walk by and I loved the contrast of his neon with the black and white of the street art. It was more pure, dumb luck than anything, but I thought it was awesome. So it counts, right?ย Canal Walk - street art

Day 16: Edible

Apples. Yum. I photographed these at Carter Mountain in Charlottesville, where Aaron and I went apple picking!Carter Mountain

Day 17: Shadow

Wow, the Brown’s Island pedestrian bridge is getting all the love. I already had a photo in mind for the shadow prompt, but this one won me over!

Day 18: Corner

I purchased a wooden monogram for Aaron and I to display at our wedding, and I intend to turn it into a wreath at some point, but for now, it hangs on the wall in our dining room . I love walking by this corner of our house every day.Wooden Monogram

Ohmygoodness. I’m almost caught up. Phew!

How did October get away from me?


20 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. Pearls and Lace

    Beautiful pictures Lauren! I can see you’re putting your new camera to good use! Have a great weekend!

    xo jen

  2. Vikki @ Little Loves

    Hi, stopping by from the Friday Chaos Bloghop and am your newest follower! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous Lauren, you have a real talent for capturing a moment in time. Would love for you to stop by and return the follow when you get chance.

    Vikki @ Little Loves

  3. Darby

    OMG that heart wreath is TOO cute for words! I’m SO happy you stopped by my blog because now I found you! Following you now via Bloglovin! I hope you stop back by my blog so we can stay in touch!
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed

  4. Stephanie

    I’m so glad to see you posting on the photo challenge!

    I love all those photos. The “accomplishment” is my favourite. Well done!

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