A Gray Day

I had a difficult time getting up this morning. I could blame it on being a Monday, but I know it had more to do with the weather. The overcast skies and constant drizzle left me wanting to hide under the covers and snuggle with my dogs. The weather must have also made an impression on my fashion choices because I dressed myself in completely in dark colors.

Old Navy gray and Express black pencil skirt

Black and gray work attire

Top: Old Navy, Skirt: Express (similar), Heels: Nine West (similar), Bracelet: Tweed, Earrings: Target

Even my nails are dark! Can’t blame that one on the weather!

Before I sign off, I’ll leave you with my first photo from the October photo challenge. Today’s prompt was a self-portrait, and this one could not fit my day better.

Rainy Day Cup of Tea

Getting home to make a hot cup of tea and relax on our beloved, old recliner might have been the highlight of my day.

Does the weather or your mood every affect your outfit choices?


10 thoughts on “A Gray Day

  1. Stephanie

    Absolutely, always! I have a collection of scarves that I start wearing around this time of year. Most of my outfits from now until the winter is over will be accessorized with a scarf around my neck. I have every color, texture for all weather and moods 🙂

  2. HeidiS.

    I couldn’t agree with you more…a hot cup of tea was so fitting for yesterday! I love that mug!
    Great D1 pic!

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