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Before attending the J.Crew Warehouse sale in Lynchburg, I had a hard time finding any information about them. I’d heard whispers and even found dates, but comprehensive information about what to expect was held top secret. So for those of you lucky enough to live close enough to attend, I’m here to share my knowledge!

The warehouse sales occur in the physical warehouse and typically last for two to three days over a weekend. Expect hours to be similar to 8 am – 8 pm. I’ll admit, I’ve only ever been to the first day of the post-Thanksgiving sale, so I can’t speak for the other days, but in the morning, expect to wait upwards of two hours in line before getting inside. I’ve heard that late evenings and Sundays tend to be quieter, and people can even make it in without waiting in line at all.

Upon actually entering the warehouse, the employees will provide you a ridiculously flimsy plastic bag to hold all your goodies. Most likely it will rip or break. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!) They also will equip you with their price list.

It can be overwhelming once inside the warehouse. Rows upon rows of cardboard boxes are lined up on cheap folding tables and also lined underneath them. Boxes are kinda-sorta arranged by item. I say kinda-sorta because most boxes are labeled in Sharpie with “bathing suits,” “dresses,” or “jackets,” but after thousands of hands have flipped through them, they’re pretty much a mess. If you’re not up for digging, a warehouse sale is definitely not for you.

Dresses, including special occasion, bridesmaids, and wedding dresses, suiting pieces, pants, sweaters, including cashmere, jackets, jewelry, accessories, shoes, including boots, flats, heels, and special occasion shoes can all be found at the sale. Sample items are also up for grabs. Because items are haphazardly strewn about, coming across items in the correct size depends on a mix of pure luck and persistence. Labels include Madewell, J.Crew, and their other partners.

So what are prices like? $5 accessories, $10 shirts, $20 sweaters, $35 blazers, $70 leather boots and peacoats make this sale worth all the headache. Sure it’s exhausting, but after about an hour and a half of shopping, I came out with a fully-loaded bag of loot.

Here are some examples of my recent finds:

examples clothes purchased warehouse sale Lynchburg

Double-Serge Pencil Skirts, No.2 Pencil Skirt, Skimmer pants in wool, Cafe Capri, Harper Suede Boots, Viv Patent Flat, Valentina Pump

Lynchburg warehouse sale Madewell

Lady Jacket in tweed, Madewell blazer, J.Crew sample cargo-style jacket

Purchases made at warehouse sale Lynchburg J. Crew

Blythe silk button down, Madewell pleated popover, Tippi sweater

So have I convinced you to go? Well getting on the email distribution list is apparently as difficult as finding out warehouse sale details. I signed up at last year’s sale but have yet to see an email; however, if you regularly check J.Crew Aficionada, she posts as soon as she hears about upcoming sales.

If you can’t wait for a warehouse sale, there are two J.Crew Clearance Stores in Lynchburg as well, which also sell in-season items deeply discounted. One shares the same address as the warehouse:

25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502

The other is only a few blocks away at:

101 Northwynd Circle Street
Lynchburg, VA 24502

I’ve been to both clearance stores as well and can attest to their great merchandise, but just be aware that discounts are not as steep as they are at the warehouse sales.

For those of you who live in NC, there is also a warehouse and clearance store in Arden, but since I have never been, all I can offer is their address:

1 Clifford Way (off N.C. 191)
Arden, NC 28704

Other warehouse sale items of note:

Some say that trying on the clothing is against the rules, but every time I’ve been, people get away with it. So wearing a tank and skinny jeans or leggings may be ideal to slip items on and off over your clothing. There are no dressing areas so completely disrobing is out of the question.

There is a $500 spending limit, which is enforced.

Women’s items dominate, but men’s and Crewcuts are also featured.

Any other questions I can help with?


24 thoughts on “J.Crew Warehouse Sales and Stores

  1. Niki

    That tweed jacket is AMAZING! And I love the pointy toe flats – I’ve had my eye on a few pairs from J.Crew lately but I’m not allowed to buy anything for myself! Ahhhh I SO wish I lived in VA or NC!

  2. Carrie Stevenson

    Those are fabulous finds! There’s a J. Crew clearance store close(ish) to my home, but nothing like this warehouse sale. Very jealous 🙂

  3. Head to Toe Chic

    wow, that’s one amazing sale and I love everything you bought! I’m in NC so next time I’m heading towards the mountains I need to check this out.


  4. Emelia

    Oh my goodness, it’s probably a good thing I can’t get to one of these! It’s all I can do to resist their free overseas shipping at the moment!

  5. blue roses

    so many of my friends have participated, or should i say scrambled and fought toot and nail, in one of these sales, and all agree it has been worth it. i am still on the fence, i like having space and a little relaxation while shopping, but i am envious of your loot!

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