Fashion Tape is My Friend

Button downs or oxfords are a part of my daily wardrobe. They are classic, chic, and versatile.  They can be worn dressed up with a suit or pencil skirt or dressed down with jeans, but every woman knows that button downs can be a bear. Finding one that fits properly can feel like treasure hunt, and even when they do fit, pulling around the button area is still pretty common.

About the only time this shirt looks good is when I’m stiffly standing perfectly erect. How often do I stand like this in my daily life? Practically never.

button down pulling

Heaven forbid I slightly slouch or put my hand on my hips.

fix button pulling oxford

Can we say wardrobe malfunction? Embarrassing.

oxford peaks at buttons

Enter my best friend: fashion tape. I’ll admit it took me a while to try it out, and it was only for my wedding emergency kit that I actually purchased it for the first time, but never again will my home be without it.

use fashion tape button down

It’s quite inexpensive if you stay away from name brands. My roll was from Michael’s, and I’ve barely made a dent in it. Only a inch or so of tape does the trick.

fix fit oxford ladies


fix button down with fashion tape

I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before, but if you haven’t done it yet, go buy yourself some double-sided tape! I promise it’s worth every penny.


41 thoughts on “Fashion Tape is My Friend

    1. Lauren

      I’ve actually washed shirts with the tape in them accidentally before and had the tape still work! I’d recommend taking it off if you remember, but the tape didn’t damage my shirt in any way or leave any residue behind.

  1. Alyssa

    I was a dancer for 12 years, and we used double-stick tape constantly…a kit was never complete without it! I can’t say I’ve really used it since, but you’re making me think about buying it again!

  2. Molly

    I should definitely check this out. I use a safety pin, but I feel bad sticking so many holes in my shirts. I’d thought about sewing velcro in for a permanent solution.

  3. Nathalia

    What a great tip! I have quite given up on wearing button downs at all for that very reason. Or only with a scarf or a bow over that area. But this is even more elegant!

  4. Danielle

    See, when you’re blessed (like me) with absolutely nothing up top, finding button downs is a cinch! However, if I suddenly sprout a chest, I know to find some fashion tape 🙂

    I love this color combination. I have a blue and white gingham shirt that I now want to wear with my wine colored pants. Genius!


  5. Head to Toe Chic

    That’s such a good idea!!! I always have this problem. Love your shirt and skirt together!


  6. Jen {Pearls and Lace}

    Custest. post. EVER. I have the exact same problem every time I try on a button down shirt! It either fits great in the body yet too tight in the chest (leading to the dreaded button pulling) or it fits great in the chest and is ginormous in the body! I thought my only option was having it tailored since I’ve never tried fashion tape but it’s clear now that I’ve totally be missing out!

    xo jen

  7. Michelle

    OH MY you are a freakin genius! I always have that “wardrobe malfunction” going on because I never stand up straight (slouching queen right here!). I will need to invest in that tape ASAP! Thanks Lauren!

  8. Franziska

    um no, I have not thought of this. I too run into this problem (obviously). I was considering sewing in hooks or something to make it stop, but tape is a lot easier! thanks for the tip lady!

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