What to Wear on a Plane

Traveling by plane can be a huge pain in the butt: the bags, the restrictions, the armrest hoggers. They can all add to travel-related stress, but planning your travel wear should be a no-brainer. It may be your instinct to dress up or even travel in PJs college-kid style, but for me it’s all about practicality. Well practicality and comfort.plane wear resort vacation

Is there anything more itchy than airplane seats? It’s a necessity that my legs be covered, but pants aren’t always the best option when traveling to a warm locale. A maxi dress is the perfect compromise, especially when traveling to those countries that require you to wait outside before going through customs. Worried about getting cold? Make sure to layer with a jacket!what wear plane ride to a resort

When it comes to my accesories, I come up with the items that don’t travel well. Wedges aren’t as light or flat as the rest of my sandals, and no one wants to wear a squished hat. If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, a purse certainly won’t be necessary. So why not have your beach bag double as a carry on bag?

sumertime flights all-inclusive resort travel tipsuse beach bag as carry onwear wedges to save spaceWhat do you wear when traveling this time of year?

Dress: Calvin Klein via Marshall’s (option, option) , Jacket: Old Navy, Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target (similar), Hat: Kenny K. (similar), Necklace: Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant, Earrings: Target (similar), Bag: unknown (similar)

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20 thoughts on “What to Wear on a Plane

  1. Lou (whatlouwore365)

    I don’t like travelling in trousers, espcially jeans, whether it’s on a plane or the Eurotunnel or ferry to France. The most recent flight we took was 7.5 hours to/from Dubai so I went with leggings and a tunic dress, plus a cardigan and scarf for the cabin in case it was cold. Agree re: wedge shoes, I didn’t take any heels in the end but I had planned to wear my wedges on the plane as they are so heavy!

  2. Alyssa

    This is the perfect cozy plane outfit! Plus, I always seem to be really really hot before takeoff, and then freeze my butt of once we’re in the air!

  3. Sharon

    The maxi dress is so pretty on you! I agree that wearing something comfy is important. If it’s hot out here and I’m going somewhere that’s also hot outside, I wear shorts…otherwise I’m usually so sweaty by the time I get to the resort!

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  4. Allie

    When I travel in colder weather I like to wear my boots over some comfy jeans so they don’t take up my whole suitcase. Last time I flew in warm weather though, maxi dress all the way! And maybe a pashmina if it get cool.

  5. Agi

    Love this outfit and I agree, it’s perfect for travelling.I always like to be comfortable yet fashionable and a maxi dress with a jean jacket is perfect. Love the sandals. My link up is back on and it starts again this thursday. Stop by my blog tomorrow for details and please enter my giveaway from stella & dot.



  6. Nikki

    Aren’t you cute!! I always look like a slob when I travel- sweats and a tshirt or a loose dress, Of course it has been quite a while since I have been on a plane (we drive unfortunately!) But I agree that layering is necessary. I always get cold on the plane (and those plane blankets are weird!)


  7. Niki

    This is a perfect travel outfit! I am a big fan of maxis on planes too because the skirt feels like a blanket. 🙂 I love those shoes too – you always have the best shoes!

  8. AJ

    For vacation travel, a maxi is perfect! I always get cold so I have a sweater and socks with me. Good tips!!


  9. Brenna

    I’m not going to lie, when the title of this post came up in my RSS reader, my first thought was: sweats, duh. Then I saw your cute maxi and jean jacket combo and I realized a) stylish travel is a must b) I’m too old for sweats in public 😉

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  10. Anne with an e

    Stopping by from Style Sessions – your outfit caught my eye because I think not much beats a striped maxi plus denim jacket! I have a long flight coming up, and I think this is a great idea…


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