Fall Debut: Peter Pan & Oxblood

I said it wouldn’t happen. I told myself I would hold out. But then I let it happen anyway. I broke out the “Fall clothes.” Part of me really couldn’t help myself. This adorable peter pan collar tee was one of my weekend retail therapy purchases, and I wasn’t about to let it sit untouched for a few more weeks. That would be silly, right? And wasteful. Really, really wasteful.work wear essentials for fallThe burgundy pencil skirt on the other hand – well I have no excuse. It hadn’t seen the light of day since early last Spring, but I couldn’t imagine a better piece to pair with the top. And so my very first Fall outfit was born.j.crew peter pan collared teestella dot layer chain braceletswhat to wear with oxbloodj.crew no.2 pencil burgundyj.crew peter pan collar teeAre you Fall shopping? If so, are you saving the items for later or wearing them now?

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Top: J.Crew Factory Peter Pan Collar Tee, Skirt: J.Crew No. 2 Pencil (similar), Belt: J.Crew Turnlock (similar), Shoes: J.Crew Valentina, Ring: Stella & Dot Gilded Arrow Ring, Bracelets: Stella & Dot Christina Link, unknown via TJ Maxx, Earrings: Amrita Singh Lenora

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46 thoughts on “Fall Debut: Peter Pan & Oxblood

  1. Susan Jeffries

    I love this top! I have had my eye on it for a while and now I know I will love it! I have been shopping a bit for fall but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the cold weather. It lasts so long here. I could live in shorts and sundresses all year:) Susan

  2. Alyssa

    This whole combo is perfection. I’m so excited for fall outfits, but like you I’ve been trying to hold out. I’m not sure if I can do it anymore!

  3. Joanna

    Oh, you’re making me want to get out my fall things! The color combo is perfect! I have been purchasing a little here and a little there, leaving them in bags. When I emptied the bags and hung it all up the other day, I realized it’s nearly enough for a whole fall wardrobe. Oops!

  4. Lisa @ Sorority Life to Army Wife

    You (and some other Bees who live in the Richmond area) have gotten me addicted to J Crew. It’s sad that I spend enough time on their Factory site that I knew your shirt was from there, haha.

  5. Agi

    Absolutely love this outfit. STunning. I have a metallic belt on must have list for Fall. Great look.

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  6. Nikki

    Love it!! That top is adorable and it looks fantastic with the pencil skirt. I am trying really really hard to savor the last bit of summer (especially since it won’t even start cooling off here for at least another month), even though I am really anxious for fall!


  7. Shanna

    I am TOTALLY shopping for fall! I picked up TWO jackets this week! Awe, love when the seasons change for fashion, but my bank account doesn’t! I would not have been able to wait to wear that top either…so fun!

  8. AJ

    Embrace the fall wardrobe!! I am so in love with your skirt. I’m thinking about checking out the longer version to see where it hits me, i think it looks fantastic on you!


  9. Dee

    I love burgandy for fall! this whole outfit is super cute! My new philosophy why wear later when you can wear now lol I used to save items but sometimes the perfect moments may not really come. So I dont anymore lol
    love those pumps too.
    Dee Of Ms Dee Kay

  10. Rita

    I hear you! I just want to bust out my fall clothes too! And you know what…I think the time is right:)! I love your peter pan color top and oxblood pencil skirt:)!


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