Top Five First Trimester Fashion Necessities

I briefly mentioned this in yesterday’s post about first trimester work wear, but getting dressed during my first trimester has been a bit of a chore. Almost a week or two after I found out I was pregnant, I immediately starting seeing changes in my body. While I was excited about the pregnancy, I was also frustrated with what to do with my expanding curves. Luckily these five necessities helped me get by.

First Trimester Fashion Necessities

Virginia mom blogger Lauren Dix shares her top first trimester fashion necessities.


1. A larger, supportive bra. Oh.My.Gosh. Do you feel like you went through puberty all over again over night?! I noticed that my bust had increased, but I was really shocked to find I’d gone up two cup sizes. During my first trimester, I purchased a few inexpensive options from Target in a larger size but later invested in Bravado Seamless Nursing Bras. I wish I had just bought the Bravados from the start. They are super-comfortable (no underwire!), and I’m still wearing them six months postpartum! They are so, so worth the investment, and since they have an elastic band, they allow for wiggle room if you fluctuate a cup size before and after baby.

2. Belly Band/Waistband Extender. Pants were the first thing to go, so initially turned to a Bellaband to extend the life of my pant collection. Ultimately, I ended up loving the Maeband even better though! It is more of a band-style waistband extender that attaches to your pants waistband. Since it loops through the belt buckles, it makes your pants feel so much more secure. And you don’t have to worry about the bump from unbuttoned pants!

3. Layering tanks. Along with that new bra collection, layering tanks are the perfect way to keep your growing bust under wraps. Cross-neck tops and dresses were pretty much a non-option without a little extra coverage! To extend the life of wear, grab these nursing ones to use after baby comes! I lived in them with my fav stretchy pants in the early postpartum days! They also made my hospital bag list!

4. Dresses. When a little extra belly bloat (or bump!) finds its way to your midsection and even leggings feel constricting, dresses are the only way to go. I relied on them especially in those early days before I was ready to announce my pregnancy! Think: empire waist styles, wrap dresses, and shirt dresses.

5. Transitional tops. Blouse-y tops will of course be your friend. I also purchased a few popovers (half button down, half pullover top) that I was able to wear well into my second trimester. (These options are PERFECT: chambray popover, plaid popover!) You’ll grab them again postpartum! Button-downs are a must for nursing mamas!

Are you ready to shop for maternity clothes? You have to check out my series on building a cohesive maternity wardrobe!


11 thoughts on “Top Five First Trimester Fashion Necessities

  1. Nina

    I’m a long way from being pregnant (single lady party of one!) but these are great tips for when the moment does arise. I also love when I see women embracing style while they’re pregnant instead of succumbing to yoga pants and ugg boots

    xo, Nina

  2. ash

    I feel silly for asking but what is a belly band? My youngest is almost 7. I have no clue what that is! I would say if you have a Gap Outlet near you to head there immediately. You can get Gap and BR and althea maternity wear for mere dollars. Like, $3.00 for shirts, up to $20 for pants and $8-12 on dresses. Why pay more when you are only pregnant 9 months? (You’re actually pregnant closer to ten months but who wants to think about waiting that long?!)

  3. Kerry

    All I have to say Lauren is that you are going to be one pretty mama. I know you are just going to be so cute pregnant!

  4. Christina

    Excellent picks! I am a HUGE fan of this black skinny/ankle length pants from GAP Maternity b/c they come with the low maternity waistband. I have a couple of the high waisted ones but the low waisted pair makes me feel “normal” and it is SOOO comfortable. If they don’t turn completely gray, 🙂 they will be perfect for after wear too! I waited WAAY too long to get a new bra (in total denial that they were growing).

  5. Dayna

    I’ve just come across this post on Pinterest. Being around 2 months pregnant now, I found this so reassuring to read. When I first became pregnant nothing seemed to fit me the way it did mere weeks before. My bras didn’t fit right, my jeans didn’t fit, it made me feel pretty down about myself. Initially, I just thought I’d put on weight but now, thanks to reading your post, I realise it’s because my body is changing. I’ve ordered a couple of maternity pieces but nothing expensive; a cute “hands off my bump” tee and maternity leggings which I hope will be more comfortable to wear than jeans. I’m feeling at a loss as to what do buy clothes-wise pre-bump but hopefully I’ll find something.

    Take care,



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