Week 15 Bumpdate

AKA. Week 15 PLUMPdate

AKA. 15 Weeks: Oh Bump, Where Art Thou?

15 weeks pregnantMan, oh man. Time is a-flyin’, and I figured it was about time that I start documenting this little growing baby of mine! Up to this point, I must admit that I’ve had a pretty dream-worthy pregnancy. Sure I went through the major exhaustion of the first trimester and even had to battle the flu a few weeks back, but I’ve somehow managed to miss a lot of the other symptoms. (Trust me, I’m counting my blessings!!)

Weight gain has been minimal, only about two pounds so far, which is kind of mind boggling considering how much my body is changing! I swear my bust is reaching astronomical sizes these days and my hips feel like they’re getting wider. Although my lower belly is definitely expanding, I’ve yet to see a true bump appear. I’ve just been feeling super-chubs and awkward in all of my clothes.

As far as maternity clothes go, I’ve been sporting a pair or two of maternity pants for the office along with wearing my Bella Band with regular clothes. I still have a couple pair of jeans that fit normally, but I did order my first pair of maternity jeans online this week!

I’m most looking forward to seeing a true bump appear. Doesn’t every woman want that cute little round belly? (Although I’ll also admit, I’m not trying to rush the weight gain. As my mom pointed out, there will be plenty of that to come!)


21 thoughts on “Week 15 Bumpdate

  1. JC

    Yay! it is so exciting! You look stellar even if you feel like your clothes don’t fit you cannot tell in this picture!

  2. Agi

    Dont’ worry that cute belly will come and then it will continue to grow until you don’t even recognize yourself anymore. But it’s the best thing in the world!!!!!



  3. Niki Caron

    I can’t wait to follow along with your bumpdates! That’s so great that you didn’t have to deal with a lot of the first trimester symptoms! But that stinks that you had to battle the flu! You look great in a white tee, by the way!

  4. claire

    Aww I remember being big at 15 weeks with all 4 of mine, make the most of it, you look great, your bump will soon pop up to suprise you 🙂

  5. Rachel

    Yay!! Congratulations Lauren!!
    The bump will come 🙂 Mine didn’t appear til 20-25 weeks in my pregnancies, and because I was wearing a winter coat this past pregnancy, barely anyone in public ever knew I was pregnant at all. I found that disappointing because I wanted those nice comments & helpful gestures as I carried a huge purse and a 30 lb toddler around stores 🙂


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