DIY Nursery Shadow Box

One of my favorite baby shower gifts was a set of my own baby items that my mom put together for me. It was such a creative, thoughtful gift, including booties and mittens crocheted by my grandmother, baby shoes, and silver baby utensils. Isn’t that sweet?shadow box for baby

To display them, I wanted to put together a shadow box for the nursery. (And I hope to create one of baby’s own items after her arrival too!) To get started, I purchased a large shadow box (12 x 16), printed scrapbook paper (2 sheets of 12 x 12), and satin pins.

I wanted the white frame to match the baby’s nursery furniture, but the black velvet backing wasn’t cutting it. Taping scrapbook paper to the back was a super-easy, quick solution. Even though I had to overlap two pieces, the placement of my baby items made the line barely noticeable.shadow box tutorial

For the soft items, like the baby blanket, mittens, and booties, I used a pin to attach them to the items to shadow box

Because I didn’t want to glue the baby shoes or utensils, making them unusable in the future, I used sticky tack to attach them. It might not be the most secure option, but I like knowing that I could rearrange or remove all the items from the shadow box in the future without damage! (And they’ve been hanging for about two weeks without issues!)baby shadow box how toDIY baby shadow box



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