Layla’s Three Month Update

Major mama fail over here. Two Sundays ago (11/20) was Layla’s three month birthday, and I didn’t take her photos, which meant I couldn’t take them until this past weekend. (Darn those 4:30 pm sunsets!) In all fairness, we do have a lot going on right now, like going-back-to-work separation anxiety. Ugh. Is this what my dog goes through every time I leave the house? Somebody get me a thunder jacket. But enough about me, let’s talk Layla!

layla three month update

Weight: Just over 14 pounds. We didn’t have a three month check up, so we don’t have an exact number. We’ll be getting our next official weigh-in at the end of December!

Eating: Layla continues to be a good little eater. She eats ever 2-3 hours like clockwork! Over Thanksgiving she got a little extra practice with taking a bottle with her grandma and grandpa, but she still prefers breastfeeding and tends to be fussier with the bottle.

Layla three month update

Sleep: I don’t want to jinx things, but sleep has been going well. I’m only getting up about two times per night for feedings! Increasing her nightly bottle to 3.5-4 oz, which we did earlier in November, definitely has made a difference.

Clothes: Right at the three month mark, we bumped up her diapers to size 2, but she’s still in her 0-3 month clothing. One exception? Pants. We picked her up a couple pairs of 3-6 month pants because the smaller size started to look like capris on her! Is she going to end up with long legs like mommy?

Layla's three month update

Mood: Sweet as pie. Layla really is a very happy baby. She spends a lot of her awake time cooing and smiling at family and strangers. She just recently learned to make a really high-pitched coo and loves practicing her new noise! Just don’t mess with her around feeding time. Girl is just like her mama and gets hangry.

Layla three months

Layla’s favorites:

  • hanging toys that she can reach for
  • diaper changes (She loves to coo and smile after getting her freshy!)
  • tubby time
  • reading books with colorful pictures
  • walking around inside the house
  • songs (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, mama’s good morning song)
  • her fingers (she loves sucking on them and watching them wiggle)
  • mommy’s polka dot iphone case
  • binky
  • smiling faces


  • being hungry!
  • tummy time
  • being in one place for too long (I think she gets bored easily!)

Nicknames: Punkin, Layla Belle, L Belle, Toots My Poots, Dulcita, Princess

layla three months

I said this last month, but it’s even more true now: Layla is becoming so much more aware of her surroundings. She will stop everything (yep, including eating!) and turn towards noises and voices. What’s even cooler? She can see me from farther distances and follows my movements (while I’m close by). She loves pushing up to “stand” on her feet, and almost always prefers to be held vertically so that she can get a look at everything around her. She’s become a little pro at holding her head up! Layla still hasn’t given up a true, hearty giggle yet, but she smiles and coos easily at everyone. She definitely has a very sweet disposition, kicking and squirming with delight when she’s excited.

I absolutely love watching her discover new sights and sounds. Seeing her eyes light up with curiosity or delight brings me so much joy. Being Layla’s mama has been the biggest blessing. Just thinking about her makes my heart swell!


8 thoughts on “Layla’s Three Month Update

  1. Maggie

    She is so precious! I love her little smirk! Pants shopping was always a pain for us. Nothing fit…my son’s waist was too small and his legs were too long. Shopping for shorts was so easy!

  2. Ada

    She is truly beautiful and sweet and with a full head of hair. And look at those little chubby legs and arms. I just want to squeeze her. Writing my little girl’s monthly update during the first year was one of my most favorite things to do and I love reading other baby updates, also.

    God bless Layla!


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