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When it comes to Spring and Summer fashion, it’s all about the perfect white jeans, right?! Well after a few years of wearing a pair that I didn’t love, I decided this year I was going on the hunt for the perfect white jeans. I went to several stores, the mall, and even ordered pairs online to test them out and bring your the results. So get ready for ALL THE PHOTOS! 😉

best white jeans - white jeans reviews |

Before we get started, for reference, I am 5’7″ 1/2 and typically wear a size 6-8 (or size 28/29). I’m a little straighter in the midsection and most of my height comes from my legs. (I am very short-waisted.) I’ll be sharing what size I tried on and my fit impressions for all pairs! So let’s get to it, shall we?


Stretch True Skinny Ankle – Tried in size 28 and 29

Gap true skinny ankle jeans review

Gap jeans tend to fit me a little snugger than most, so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t like how snug they were in a size 28. I preferred the 29 (8). These fit like a true ankle jean on me, so they’d probably look full-length on most ladies with shorter legs. I found these pretty tight in the legs.


LOFT tends to run large on me and both pairs I tried were no exception.

Curvy Skinny – Tried in size 28

white jeans reviews - LOFT curvy skinny jeans

I felt like these did absolutely nothing for my figure. Had I liked the cut, I would have sized down to a 27, but I just felt like they were pretty shapeless. Perhaps these would look better on ladies with more muscular legs?

Relaxed Skinny – Tried in size 28

LOFT white jeans - relaxed skinny

These were definitely more my style, but still a size too large, especially in the waist. I liked the relaxed fit though and would recommend these if you’re looking for a skinny/more tailored boyfriend cut or a relaxed skinny jean.


Mid-rise Rockstar Distressed Jeans – Tried in size 4 and 6

white jeans review - old navy rockstar distressed jeans |

Old Navy sizing always knows how to stroke my ego. 😉 I tried on the 6 and found the waist to be too big, but the size 4 I ordered felt like two sizes smaller. I went in store and tried on another pair of 4’s and viola! Perfect fit. Sometimes their sizing can be a bit inconsistent, so don’t be afraid to bring two pairs of the same size into the fitting room! I loved how soft and comfortable these were on.


Mid-rise Jegging – Tried in size 6

white jeans reviews - target mossimo jegging |

These felt pretty tight all around. I wish I could’ve tried the next size up but they were not in stock. The waist wasn’t too bad, but the legs felt absolutely painted on. (And I have pretty slim legs!) I wasn’t crazy about the cropped length but they’d probably be more like true ankle length on shorter gals. I would definitely recommend sizing up.


Angel Ankle Cigarette Jean – Tried in size 28

white jeans reviews - DL1961 Angel |

These felt a little snug, and after reading reviews I’d say they run a half to one size small. I wish they had a 29 for me to try on, but these were the last pair in Nordstrom. These weren’t as stretchy as some of the other brands I tried (Paige, J Brand), but they still allowed for comfortable movement. I liked them but they weren’t a fave.


The Prima Mid Rise Cigarette Jeans – Tried in size 28

white jeans reviews - AG prima |

The fit was just off for me with these. The legs fit great but the waist was a little snug on me. If I had sized up, I think the legs wouldn’t have fit properly. Although they had a little stretch, I found them stiffer and less comfortable than other options.


Hoxton High Rise Ultra Skinny – Tried in size 28

white jeans reviews - paige hoxton high rise |

I have these same jeans in a dark wash and LOOOOVE them. Like they are my holy grail high waist jeans. So I thought for sure these were going to be “the ones.” Meh. Not so much. The denim was still super-soft, but felt a bitter thinner. The waist was definitely tighter than my other pair and they did not have front pockets. So weird since the dark wash had them, but regardless I was a bit unimpressed. If you’re into more of a legging look, these may be for you.


Skinny Leg Mid Rise – Tried in size 28

white jeans reviews - j brand mid-rise skinny |

These were quite a bit tighter in the waist for me, which pretty much made them a no-go. Had I sized up to a 29 they might have worked.

Maria High Rise Legging Jean – Tried in size 28

white jeans reviews - j brand maria high rise |

I’ve also tried these on in a darker wash before and liked them, so I wasn’t surprised that they were a favorite. The denim is very soft and comfortable. They felt super easy to move in, which is always a plus when you’re on the go with a little one.

FINAL VERDICT: I ended up with two pairs. (Whoops!) I used a Shopbop credit to pick up the J Brand Maria and then I scored the Old Navy pair at 40% off. DOUBLE WIN!

Please let me know if this post was helpful. I had a lot of fun compiling it and would be happy to do it again. What else do you want to see here reviewed on the blog?


29 thoughts on “Best White Jeans – Reviews From Your Favorite Retailers

  1. Annessa

    I love this post and would love to see similar in the future! I’ve had a pair of relaxed boyfriend skinnies in my cart for what seems like forever – just can’t pull the trigger! I agree with your picks – the J Brand Maria looked especially fabulous on you!

    Annessa /

  2. Amy Ann

    So helpful! I have actually been on the hunt myself and it is hard to find white jeans! I’ve been looking for a year. I actually tried several on in my local Saks and then tried the Gap pair. I ended up ordered them, but I didn’t try the J Brand or the Old Navy!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Sarah

    Really loving the J. Brand ones you picked up! I actually really loved the Loft pairs on you (at least in the photos)! Loft is usually where I go for jeans, but it generally takes me trying on as many pairs as you did to find the right fit! Great choices lady!

    x Sarah

  4. Anna

    You are so right! It’s all about the white denim! I love this full review! As a petite gal, I almost always have good luck with LOFT, but I love the Paige denim in you. Great post! XO


  5. Jacy

    I love this post idea, and it was so helpful! The Old Navy and J. Brand Maria were my favorites on you, so great choices! I’m going to check out both because I need a new pair of white skinnies for this spring and summer!

    Jacy |

  6. Kim Pincombe Cole

    I’m so glad you did this!!! So helpful!
    I’ve been searching for a great pair of white denim and grabbed the Old Navy pair about 2 weeks ago. I was surprised at how well they looked!!

  7. Red Reticule

    This is super helpful! I always feel so lost in the jungle of jeans and probably that’s one of the reasons why my jeans attire is so lean. LOL Happy weekend!

  8. Kelly

    This post is amazing especially as I need a new pair of white ones and I am going to Shopbop right now to put a pair of JBands in my cart, thank you!

  9. Cameron Proffitt

    This post is so helpful. I’m super weird about white jeans (I tend to be bottom heavy), so I actually don’t own any. I love the way they look on other people, but I haven’t found any that I like on me. I have some new brands to go try out!

    Cameron Proffitt

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